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18 Holes | Par 72

Black Tees: 6,372 Yards (70.7/125)  |  Green Tees: 5,998 Yards (68.8/120)

Blue Tees: 5,623 Yards (67.7/117)  |  Red Tees: 4,675 Yards

Front Nine       1            3       4      5       6       7        8        9 

Back Nine       10     11     12     13     14     15     16      17       18 

Hole nr. 1  | Par 5

The opening hole affords a wide landing area for the tee shot to set up an opportunity to reach the green in two by avoiding the fairway bunkers on both sides of the fairway.  It's decision time on the second shot with a creek crossing the fairway 90 yards short of the green. 


Black Tees: 469 Yards

Green Tees: 450 Yards

Blue Tees: 430 Yards

Red Tees: 420 Yards

Handicap: M 17 / W 5

Hole nr. 2  |  Par 4

This short Par 4 requires accuracy from the tee with out of bounds on the right and trees lining the fairway on the left.  A single tree just off the right side of the fairway can block an approach if the tee shot strays right.  The small green is guarded by a deep bunker on the left.  An accurate tee shot sets up a good birdie opportunity.


Black Tees: 326 Yards

Green Tees: 320 Yards

Blue Tees: 303 Yards

Red Tees: 260 Yards

Handicap: M 9 / W 15

Hole nr. 3  |  Par 4

This lengthy Par 4 requires an accurate drive from the elevated tee to avoid the out of bounds on the right and the water hazard guarding the left side..  The approach shot is to a large green bunkered on the right side.  An accurate approach shot is rewarded with a good birdie putt opportunity on a relatively flat green.


Black Tees: 406 Yards

Green Tees: 385 Yards

Blue Tees: 321 Yards

Red Tees: 255 Yards

Handicap: M 1 / W 3

Hole nr. 4  |  Par 3

The tee shot is between two irrigation ponds to a large green guarded by a bunker on the front right.  The golfer who strays too far beyond the pin will be faced with a difficult downhill put.


Black Tees: 208 Yards

Green Tees: 155 Yards

Blue Tees: 150 Yards

Red Tees: 100 Yards

Handicap: M 11 / W 17

Hole nr. 5  |  Par 4

 A water hazard on the left and a steep bank on the right make accuracy a must on the tee shot.  The prime landing area widens for the longer hitters. 


Black Tees: 356 Yards

Green Tees: 356 Yards

Blue Tees: 334 Yards

Red Tees: 276 Yards

Handicap: M 5 / W 7

Hole nr.  6  |  Par 4

This short Par 4 requires a long and accurate tee shot if the aggressive player chooses to go for the green with a driver.  Water fronts the tee area and continues up the left side of the landing area.  A steep bank guards the right side of the fairway.  A well placed lay-up shot affords a wedge opportunity to a deep green guarded by a bunker on the right side. 


Black Tees: 344 Yards

Green Tees: 290 Yards

Blue Tees: 275 Yards

Red Tees: 252 Yards

Handicap: M 13 / W 9

Hole nr.  7 |  Par 4

This Par 4 plays to a fairway sloping from right to left with trees guarding the landing area.  A good tee shot is rewarded with a short iron to the level green to set up a birdie opportunity


Black Tees: 349 Yards

Black Tees: 349 Yards

Blue Tees: 337 Yards

Red Tees: 277 Yards

Handicap: M 15 / W 1 

Hole nr.  8  |  Par 3

This second Par 3 on the front side plays to a green protected by a deep bunker on the left and another trap guarding the right front.  The deep green and large tee area allow opportunities to vary the yardage for this hole.  A tee shot that strays too far left will find a hazard in the form of a wooded gully 


Black Tees: 210 Yards

Green Tees: 174 Yards

Blue Tees: 164 Yards

Red Tees: 152 Yards

Handicap: M 7 / W 13

Hole nr.  9  |  Par 5

 The front side is completed with the number 1 handicap hole.  This lengthy Par 5 will test even the longest of players.  The tee shot is exacting with trees on the left and an out of bounds right.  The fairway slopes gently from right to left away from the out of bounds.  The green is protected by traps on both sides.


Black Tees: 595 Yards

Green Tees: 575 Yards

Blue Tees: 509 Yards

Red Tees: 383 Yards

Handicap: M 3 / W 11

Hole nr.  10  |  Par 5

This opening Par 5 on the back nine may seem short at first glance, but the gradual slope to the elevated green makes the hole play much longer.  It's a risky play to go for the small green in two with two deep bunkers guarding the front of the green.  If the approach is long, the slope of the green makes getting up and down a challenge.


Black Tees: 426 Yards

Green Tees: 426 Yards

Blue Tees: 412 Yards

Red Tees: 352 Yards

Handicap: M 14 / W 8

Hole nr.  11  |  Par 3

This challenging Par 3 can make or break your score on the back nine.  The tee shot plays over a water hazard from an elevated tee to a green featuring a severe back to front slope.  A well placed approach will hold the green well, but the real challenge begins when the putt is addressed.  A score of par brings a sigh of relief. 


Black Tees: 178 Yards

Green Tees: 160 Yards

Blue Tees: 155 Yards

Red Tees: 130 Yards

Handicap: M 8 / W 12 

Hole nr.  12 |  Par 4

This medium length Par 4 requires an accurate tee shot to avoid the out of bounds on the left and trees lining the fairway on the right.  The approach shot is to a deep double tiered green with the plateau on the front of the green.  Club selection is always important to avoid a three-putt green.  Par on this hole is always a good mark on the scorecard for this challenging hole.


Black Tees: 383 Yards

Green Tees: 360 Yards

Blue Tees: 320 Yards

Red Tees: 268 Yards

Handicap: M 2 / W 14

Hole nr.  13  |  Par 4 

 Out of bounds left is only a remote threat from the tee on this scenic Par 4.  The real danger is the bank on the right for both the drive and the downhill approach shot to a deep green.  Bunkers guard the right side of the fairway and green.


Black Tees 406 Yards

Green Tees: 390 Yards

Blue Tees 395 Yards

Red Tees 321 Yards

Handicap: M 6 / W 6

Hole nr.  14  |  Par 4

This Par 4 can be driven by the player willing to take a risk.  The tee shot is uphill all the way with the fairway protected by a large tree that must be carried with a high tee shot.  The prudent play from the tee is often with a middle iron to set up an approach with a short iron or wedge.  The green is guarded by banks on both sides that deflect an errant approach.


Black Tees: 285 Yards

Green Tees: 280 Yards

Blue Tees: 265 Yards

Red Tees: 238 Yards

Handicap: M 18 / W 10

Hole nr.  15  |  Par 3

This scenic Par 3 plays downhill over a water hazard from an elevated tee to a green protected on both sides by large bunkers.  Club selection is always a challenge depending upon the wind conditions.  The hole features a spectacular view of the course and the nearby Cambridge commercial area.  Most locals consider Number 15 to be the signature hole at CCC.


Black Tees: 171 Yards

Green Tees: 160 Yards

Blue Tees: 160 Yards

Red Tees: 108 Yards

Handicap: M 10 / W 18

Hole nr.  16  | Men - Par 4 /  Women - Par 5

The longest Par 4 on the course has a wide landing area to allow the golfer to swing freely to get that extra few yards.  The hole is defined by trees on the right and rough on the left.  The green is protected by a newly renovated bunker on the left side.


Black Tees: 441 Yards

Green Tees: 411 Yards

Blue Tees: 375 Yards

Red Tees: 326 Yards

Handicap: M 4 / W 2

Hole nr.  17 |  Par 4

This reachable Par 4 requires an accurate drive to reach the small green.  If the drive or approach is long it is most difficult to get up and down from behind the green.  Well placed bunkering in the front and sides of the green make an accurate wedge necessary.


Black Tees: 280 Yards

Green Tees: 280 Yards

Blue Tees: 261 Yards

Red Tees: 203 Yards

Handicap: M 16 / W 16

Hole nr.  18  |  Men - Par 5 / Women - Par 4

The round is completed with this picturesque Par 5 returning to the clubhouse.  A draw is preferable off the elevated tee with a slight dogleg left to a fairway lined with trees on both sides.  Newly renovated bunkers and trees guard the elevated green in case of an errant effort to get home in two.


Black Tees: 539 Yards

Green Tees: 477 Yards

Blue Tees: 457 Yards

Red Tees: 354 Yards

Handicap: M 12 / W 4

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